Luc's birthday Drive

From: "Kristi" <>

Date: August 27, 2010 7:59:38 PM EDT

To: <>

Subject: [DrivingPairs:4169] Catherine/ pole balance


Catherine, here is a photo of what I drive.  It is a Pacific Carriage Show Cart that Bill, the designer, has added a pole to.  I really wanted a Cape Cart but have been very happy with this one.  I can take it through the harvested fields and do so on a regular basis this time of the year.  Otherwise I do a lot of gravel road driving.  I feel perfectly safe in it and most of my drives are by myself so you know I'm not into danger either. 


This picture was taken when I was just starting the light colored (pink) donkey on the other side to drive.  These donkeys are an absolute kick to drive.  They are smart, willing and eager to go.  They are my mineral salt and lemon pepper team, Lippyluver Luc (Luke) and OK Sir Galahad.

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From: sstarrr

Hi Kristi-

Are you driving a cape cart?

I have been fascinated by curricles.  They are supposed to be fast, but dangerous.  (And "Danger" ain't MY middle name.)

-Cheers, Catherine in SoCal



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